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“A patient contacted us from East Carbon Co. who had been suffering from a severe allergic reaction to their denture. We contacted Mark and the team at Nature’s Smiles to ask about alternative materials. In all my years of practicing dentistry, I have never seen a more rapid return to healing and health, as when we delivered the vinyl based denture to our patient. She is ecstatic and we are happy to have a professional resource how can help us meet the needs of our patients.”

–Dr. Richard Francis

“Our patient from out of state wanted us to restore the four upper implants. The team at Nature’s Smiles was able to help us deliver a beautiful bar retained denture from start to finish in just 3 appointments. Our confidence that we can get a complexed procedure done with simplicity and accuracy is always high when we use Nature’s Smiles to do these cases.”

–Dr. Lohner

“We had a patient come visit us during our lunch hour for an emergency appointment that resulted in an extraction. We Love how Nature’s Smiles immediately responded in making a flipper appliance that we delivered to our patient before the end of the day. Though their lab is some distance away, it feels like they are right next door when we need them.”

–Dr. Eric Swenson

Our Affiliations Include:

Our professional affiliation with these leading dental organizations reinforces our credibility within the dental community and our ongoing commitment to continued education. Nature’s Smiles staff are committed to pursuing excellence and improvement. We partner with other industry leaders to ensure impeccable service, technology and care at all times.