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Splint Therapies

The anatomical components of the masticatory system are the TMJs (temporo-mandibular joints). It is a complex system which may never be fully understood, but in can be broken down into fundamental components which can be treated in simple ways. One of those treatment modalities is occlusal splint therapy. We offer careful diagnosis of your patient’s underlying pains with orthodontic appliances in the form of splints. Splints are devices that are worn in the mouth similar to mouthguards that cover teeth, and work to achieve a number of goals depending on the reason for TMJ pain.

The purpose of splints is to:

Nature’s smiles offers preventative care products that are designed to aid your patients who require bruxism protection, splint therapy, and sports protection. Our specialized preventative care department consists of a certified team of technicians who are trained in all phases of fabrication.

We understand how many complications TMJ can cause an individual, and we will work very closely with your practice to make sure your patient’s lives are changed. You can count on our team to help your patients chew well, speak right, and allow uninterrupted sleep.

Our Affiliations Include:

Our professional affiliation with these leading dental organizations reinforces our credibility within the dental community and our ongoing commitment to continued education. Nature’s Smiles staff are committed to pursuing excellence and improvement. We partner with other industry leaders to ensure impeccable service, technology and care at all times.