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Custom Dentures

Our Custom designed dentures provide an exceptional arrangement of teeth creating a natural looking smile for each patient. Our dentures give patients life like smiles that embody every individual's unique characteristics. We know that dentures need to look and, most importantly, feel natural. With our large variety of tooth shapes, gum textures, ridgings, colors and translucencies paired with the highest attention to craftsmanship, Nature Smiles creates the most lifelike and durable removables solution available in the market today. We have the experience to accomplish even the most complex cases in fewer appointments, with greater accuracy and at lower costs. Save time, money and energy by using our high tech lab technology.

With accuracy tolerances for margin lines and die surfaces as tight as ±35 microns on Dental Model Resin, the Form 2 delivers the same precision as large-format dental 3D printers.

3-D Digital Dentures Protocol

Deliver your printed denture in three appointments:

  1. Take accurate preliminary impressions using edentulous stock trays.
  2. The “white rim” print-out is amazing.
  3. It can be used as a custom tray if final impressions are needed.
  4. The bite registration is perfected by having the patient close into the posterior wax rim.
  5. Desired changes to tooth position can be specified. (The average “white rim” requires only two changes of 2mm or less.)
  6. Your patient will love how easy and accurate the delivery appointment is. 3D printed material (unlike acrylic) has almost no shrinkage.

Our Affiliations Include:

Our professional affiliation with these leading dental organizations reinforces our credibility within the dental community and our ongoing commitment to continued education. Nature’s Smiles staff are committed to pursuing excellence and improvement. We partner with other industry leaders to ensure impeccable service, technology and care at all times.